Where my funny girlfriend memes at?

Just like funny christian memes, there are countless funny girlfriend memes on the internet today and many of them are gut-busting hilarious. One of the funniest girlfriend memes is the Overly Attached Girlfriend that features a girl with an almost psychotic smile saying hilarious things like “Your bedroom looks different…Through binoculars”.

Sites like Reddit’s /r/adviceanimals have a field day with these crazed girlfriends. Maybe it’s because they’re usually not too far off with their exaggerations. Of course MemeFort has to get in on all the fun.

Many funny girlfriend memes have the same recurring theme like lack of money after date night or constantly keeping tabs on her boyfriend when he’s out with the guys. Most of the time it’s all in good fun so below we our top funny girlfriend memes.

Funny Girlfriend Memes | Girlfriend, No Girlfriend

Girlfriend | No Girlfriend



Man, where’d my paycheck go? Looks like ramen noodles are on the menu for the next 2 weeks!





Girlfriend, what level do I unlock it at?

Girlfriend | What level do I unlock it at?


Whoa, whoa, whoa! Women aren’t for sale Sith-Lord Star-Commander. Try shaving the neckbeard and lose the ponytail.





And then I said, we can still be friends

And then I said | We can still be friends


The cruel, cruel world of the breakup. As they laugh maniacally behind your back. Cheer up sport, they’re all the same.






Do you have any favorite funny girlfriend memes you want to share? We’re always open to a good laugh at someone else’s expense!