Will YouTube Shorts Dominate TikTok?

youtube shorts versus tiktok

YouTube Shorts could be the next thing your favorite content creator is talking about. Just in case you haven’t been up to date in social media news, YouTube is planning to release a new feature on their site that would attempt to compete with world-renowned short-clip site TikTok.

No one is completely knowledgable about this new feature, or whether it would be able to take over TikTok’s large and evergrowing userbase.

Sources are scarce at this time and rumors are currently flooding the internet with theories on how YouTube could get into the short-clip game. Of course, everyone loves sharing their favorite memes so it makes sense.

While most YouTube channels are now focused on gaining longer viewer retention and engagement, it will be interesting to see how this new format could upset or change any algorithms YouTube has placed for monetization.

The feature is rumored to be named YouTube Shorts as it references the short length clips that creators can share with their audiences.

Short clips offer fast-paced virality that can be shared around the globe in a matter of seconds so it makes sense that YouTube would want to attempt to profit off of any social outlets that would lead to quick videos going viral.

One of the original short clip sharing services was Vine. Vine went on to be acquired by Twitter and then promptly shut down in favor of spreading Twitter’s then-new service named Periscope. Periscope still has a small cult-like following but doesn’t have near the viral impact of the now popular, Los Angeles-based service TikTok.

The original creators of Vine have recently released a 2.0 of the app that they have released as Byte. Byte offers a very similar experience to the original Vine app and of course, similarities to its giant competitor TikTok.

It will be interesting to see how these social platforms fight it out to see who can have the largest audience and amount of creators. YouTube Shorts is expected to release at the end of 2020.

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